Indaai Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Everything that progresses, flows through us This statement spells well the domain of our business. We cater to every need of the process industry, where flow is a prime criterion, be it a :

  • Pumping System (fluid transfer)
  • Valves Automation Solution (flow control)
  • Process Measurement (flow & lavel measurment)

We have solution for everything in "Flow Management".

We provide a very wide range of valves alongwith a wide range of power operated actuators. Various types of valves, actuators & accessories are integrated & exhaustively tested at our "Valves Automation Center" at Narhegaon - Pune. We also offer a wide range of solutions in fluid transfer. We integrate different types of "Chemical Process Pumps" in horizontal & vertical constriction and all types of corrosion resistant exotic alloys & plastic materials.

The promoter of the company, Mr. Milind Dusane, a Mechanical Engineer by qualification, has a long experience in pumps, valves & actuators industry. Having lead the leading companies like Weir BDK & AUMA from front (for almost 15 years), he noticed a segment, which needed a special treatment A need to offer "Total Solution" in "Process Flow"

applications, a need to offer virtually each & every type of pump, valve, actuator & flow meter with all the combinations of accessories from a "single source", with the most reliable quality, competitive pricing, earlier deliveries and most importantly, a dedicated focus on "process flow" related needs of the client. Thus emerged the company "INDAAI Technologies Pvt. Ltd.", with a completely "technology" oriented approach.