Non Metallic Chemical Process Pumps

Non Metallic Chemical Prosses Pumps
Non Metallic Chemical Prosses Pumps
The Non Metallic Horizontal Back Pull Out Pumps have been designed to cater to a wide range of application in the process, chemical, petrochemical and the allied industries.
It is a Semi-Open impeller-back pull out-single stage-end suction-centrifugal pump
  • Manufactured in 30 different models.
  • Capacities from 3 m3 /hr to 300 m3 /hr.
  • Head upto 60 metres.
  • Can be fitted with suitable mechanical seal to suit applications.
  • Can handle highly corrosive acids like HCl, HF, H2SO4,etc., in varying concentrations and temperatures, highly abrasive slurries, all alkalies and salt solutions

The Materials of Construction :

  • Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene (UHMWPE)
  • Poly Propelene (PP)
  • Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)
Non Metallic Chemical Prosses Pumps
    1. Impeller Casing
    2. Impeller
    3. Back Plate
    4. Shaft Sleeve
    5. Bearing Housing
    6. Drive End Bearing Cover
    7. Gland Cover
    8. Far End Bearing Cover
    9. Oil Seal
    10. Casing Mounting Ring
    11. Gland Packing
    12. Srb Bearing
    13. Breather
    14. Shaft
    15. Dracb Bearing
    16. Oil Level Indicator
    17. Housing Support
    18. Oil Seal
    19. Oil Drain Plug
    20. 'O' Ring
    21. Thrower
    22. Teflon Washer Casing Gasket