Metallic Chemical Prosses Pumps

Metallic Chemical Prosses Pumps
Metallic Chemical Prosses Pumps
The PPH series - Horizontal Back Pull Out Pumps have been designed to cater to a wide range fo application in the process, chemical, petrochemical and the allied industries.
It is an open or closed impeller-back pull out-single stage-end suction-centrifugal pump, available in wide range of corrosion resistant materials.
Provision is made for impeller movement-axially to compensate for wear

  1. Capacity upto 800 m3/hr.
  2. Head range upto 150 Mts.
  3. Heavy duty casings with minimum 3 mm corrosion allowance.
  4. All casings withstand 16 bar pressure at 200 degrees celsius and will operate in the temperature range from minus 70 degree celsius to 260 degree celsius.
  5. Flange drilling to different standards to suit customer requirements.
  6. Pumps meet the design parameters of ISO-2858 and API-610 upto 175 degree celsius.
  7. Manufactured in 50 different models.
  8. Can be offered with various types of mechanical seals or gland packing to suit application.
  9. Fitted with closed, semi open or open impellers depending upon process requirement.
  10. Jacketed pumps can be offered to handle liquids at elevated temperatures.

  Material of Construction
  • Stainless Steels (SS-304, SS-316, SS-304L, SS-316L)
  • Hastelloy B & Hastelloy C
  • Alloy-20, CD4MCu, HV-9
  • Ni resist
  • Acid resisting bronzes
  • Nickel (CZ 100)
  • Monel and Inconel Alloys
  • And many other exotic material



  1. Impeller
  2. Impeller Casing
  3. Back Plate
  4. Shaft
  5. Shaft Sleeve
  6. Bearing Housing
  7. Drive End Bearing
  8. Far End Bearing
  9. Gland Packing