Vertical Cantilever Shaft Pumps


We specialize in manufacturing cantilever type vertical sump pumps for critical applications when low maintenance and high reliability in terms of corrosion resistance and temperature of operation are required.

To offer solutions to the difficult applications to the customers is indeed a professional challenge to us irrespective of the numbers involved. We have developed, manufactured and supplied pumps to customers including Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India.

We offer custom built pumps for marine and other non regular applications to suit the exacting requirements of the customers. We have supplied inline, axial flow and different types of vertical pumps to our valued customers.




Vertical Cantilever Shaft Pumps

Vertical Cantilever Shaft Pumps

  1. Oil Seal
  2. Bearing Nut
  3. Bearing
  4. Housing Support
  5. Oil Seal
  6. Far End Bearing Cover
  7. Far End Bearing Housing
  8. Bearing
  9. Intermediate Housing Support
  10. Graphite Based Gland Packing
  11. Gas Purge(For High Temp Only)
  12. Baffles
  13. Mounting Plate
  14. Protective Lining
  15. Column Pipe
  16. Shaft
  17. Thrower
  18. Impeller
  19. Impeller Casing
  20. Drive End Bearing Cover
  21. Adjuster Piece
  22. Drive End Bearing Housing
  23. Aluminium Fan(For High Temp Only)
  24. Oil Out To Heat Exchanger
  25. Oil In From Heat Exchanger
  26. Shaft Sealing Cover
  27. Lantern Ring
  28. Stitch Welded Vertical Plates
  29. Delivery Pipe
  30. Gland Cover
  31. Gland
  32. Coupling