Actuators with Integral Controls


In Conventional Actuators, the reversing contactors are provided externally i.e. in Motor Control Centre (MCC). But this leads to increased wiring & hassles during commissioning. Actuators can be provided with Integral Controls, which consists of the following:

Starters / Reversing Contactors ( Electro-Mechanically Interlocked )
Selector Switch ( Local-Off-Remote ) with padlock
Local Push Buttons ( Open-Stop-Close )
Step-down Transformer
With integral starter actuator, the following additional safety / protection features can be provided :
Thermal Overload Relay
Single Phasing Protection
Automatic Phase Correction
Electronic (Solid-State) Starter
The advantages of “Integral Controls” :
All the safety / motor protection features of actuators (e.g. Limit & Torque Switches, Thermo-Switches, Thermal Overload Relay, Single Phasing Protection, Automatic Phase Correction etc.) are internally wired / connected. This ensures total safety of the actuator.
There is no susceptibility to the mistakes made during field cabling.
The field wiring is substantially reduced, which results in cost saving.
It is possible to operate the valve locally, which is an important function during commissioning and on-site repairs / servicing.
Actuators with Integral Controls